Production and Sustainability


Ethics and sustainability is such a huge and multifaceted issue and we cannot oversee the production line of every single element in our pieces. However where we can, we choose sustainable options and will continue to prioritise this.

~ Our sustainability efforts ~

  • Our garments are sent to us plastic free. Instead, we use compostable bags made from cassava plants
  • To package your orders we use compostable mailer bags and eco-friendly tissue paper and stickers. We only order these in small quantities so we don’t have wastage
  • We only order the smallest quantity possible of our clothing to prevent clothing going to landfill. Any off cuts of material are turned into other items such as hair accessories
  • We choose natural materials, nothing synthetically made
  • Kindred Cubs is slow fashion. It takes us up to 12 months to design each item and make them perfect. We hope you can feel the love and thought that goes into each piece. We hope you can follow the motto “love me, wear me, pass me on”.


Our founder spent a lot of time searching for a manufacturer that fit with our business ethics and goals. All our items from the MÃE collection have been lovingly handmade by our amazing artisans in Indonesia.

  • The artisans all receive above the minimum wage which is reviewed each year to account for inflation. Any overtime worked is both voluntary and paid.
  • No child labour
  • Factory is well ventilated and lit
  • All workers are enrolled in a program that offers workplace and health insurance and superannuation.
  • Our fabric dyes are certified and have been also tested by the manufacturer to ensure they contain no heavy metals. 
  • The manufacturer also utilise cottage industry workers for sewing, these are usually home based and female led which allows mothers to work and look after their children. As a mother myself, I absolutely love this idea.

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