Our Journey

Focusing on good quality, functional clothing that can be loved and worn for many seasons to come. 

In 2022, Kindred Cubs was born by Bonnie, a mum on a mission to create clothing that is kind on babies skin and on the environment. Bonnie plays many roles in her life, she is a social worker, fiancé, fur mum to two border collies, new business owner and most importantly a mum to Oaklyn (aged 2). 
My transition from maiden to mother influenced my decision to start a small business so I could have a creative outlet and something for myself away from the daily grind of being a stay at home mum. 
~ My motivator behind choosing children’s clothing ~
When my son was a newborn, I became a part of the allergy community. I witnessed stories from fellow mums about their kids having skin reactions to clothes made from synthetic materials and some fabric dyes. I knew that our skin is our largest organ in the body and absorbs things within seconds so I knew this could affect deeper than the skin.
Through research I also realised that we are experiencing an epidemic of fast fashion where clothes are made cheaply and in masses so they become a disposable item. 
It was here I decided I wanted to create clothing that I had some control over. Clothing that is ethically made and consciously designed to last many seasons and be passed down through generations. 
Read more about our production and sustainability efforts here
~ A note on pricing ~ 
We understand not all of our pieces are accessible to all of our customers. Before we began this journey we too didn’t understand boutique pricing. It’s only now we can appreciate how much it costs to produce consciously made and sustainable products. We do not have huge markups on our pieces and have tried to make them as cost effective as possible. Our hope is that our products will be in your children’s wardrobe rotation for many seasons to come and that the high quality will mean you can pass them down to loved ones to be worn over and over again. 

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